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Mechanical Properties

Alloy Temper UTS (MPa) Yield Stress (0.2% proof-stress)
    Min Max
AA3003 H18 200 240 180
AA3105 H18 195 - 160
AA8011 H18 175 - 140


Hindalco Everlast aluminium trapezoidal sheets transform the traditional appearance of roofs by providing a modern alternative to its traditional corrugated roofing counterparts. When it comes to appearance, these aluminium troughed sheets look sleek and angular compared to the other alternatives.

The wavy structure of the aluminium trapezoidal sheets proves to be durable and resistant to inevitable catastrophes such as storms, hails, and snowfalls. The design of these types of corrugated aluminium sheets ensures that they are lightweight and easy to work with and install.

Hindalco Everlast also prides itself upon a fine selection of pre-painted troughed or trapezoidal sheets that can appeal to an extensive section of the crowd's aesthetic. One should consider Hindalco Everlast to meet their aluminium roofing needs because of the flexibility in our services. We let our customers customise the sheet based on their requirements without any limitations.

Hindalco Everlast aluminium trapezoidal sheets are

-           Customisable length available on order at a reasonable price

-           Very flexible and are among the

-           Most popular alternatives in the corrugated roofing market

Modern and sophisticated designs.

Note: Figures are indicative only.


Widths: 920 mm and 1044 mm.

LengthHindalco Everlast Aluminium Sheets are available in lengths between 1500 mm and 6500 mm. Other lengths can be provided on request.
Per unit weight may increase up to 3% in case of colour coated sheets

Weight of Sheet (Kg)
Per Sq. Mtrs Sheet Per Mtr Length
7/125 (920 mm) 8/125 (1044 mm)
1.22 4.33 3.97 4.50
0.91 3.23 2.96 3.36
0.71 2.50 2.31 2.62
0.65 2.31 2.12 2.41
0.56 1.96 1.82 2.07
0.50 1.77 1.63 1.85