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Are Hindalco Everlast Aluminium Roofing Sheets available across India, like GC/AC sheets?

We have dealer networks across India. Refer to our branch sales offices for details.

What is the difference between Galvalume/Al + Zinc and Hindalco Everlast Aluminium Roofing Sheets?

The basic difference is that the base metal of Galvalume/Alu + Zinc sheets is steel, which is then coated with a paste of zinc and aluminium. However, Hindalco Everlast Aluminium Roofing Sheets are made from Hindalco's pure aluminium alloys. This pure aluminium ensures that Hindalco Everlast Aluminium Roofing Sheets will never rust and will always remain leakproof.

Are Hindalco Everlast Aluminium Roofing Sheets available in various colours, like pre-painted GI/Galvalume?

Galvanized Steel/Galvalume sheets are painted to prevent the steel from rusting. Aluminium can withstand the harshest of environments since it is corrosion-resistant, and hence does not require painting. However, colour-coated Hindalco Everlast Aluminium Roofing Sheets are available, depending on Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) requirements and RAL Codes.

Does Hindalco Everlast manufacture aluminium accessories?

No, but we can source the manufacturers of the same.

How can one avoid dents/marks during installation?

Sheets of specific thickness must be used (one should not go below the recommended thickness), and specified purlin spacing must be ensured. Moreover, during installation, a cat ladder/roof board should be used while walking across the roof.

Can the aluminium sheet be bent to the required curvature?

Aluminium Corrugated Sheets can be bent to conform to a curvature, but this depends on the radius of the curve. Hindalco Everlast offers curvomatic sheets for special projects like metro railway stations, airports and transport terminus.

What are the precautions to be taken while installing Hindalco Everlast Aluminium Roof Sheets during strong, windy climates?

Over each purlin, recommended accessories and wind-tie strips should be used to secure the roofing sheet. In fact, similar procedures are to be followed with regard to GC, AC, Galvalume and aluminium sheets, as well.

Why do Hindalco Everlast Aluminium Roofing Sheets retain their silvery grey finish over the years?

Aluminium builds its own resistance to atmospheric factors by forming a light but very hard film of inert aluminium oxide along its surface, protecting it from the corrosion. Over time, the surface turns a pleasant silvery grey.

How can water stains be removed from Hindalco Everlast Aluminium Roofing Sheets?

Stains can be cleaned by using steam (at 100C). Alternatively, a solution of 5% sodium hydroxide and 2% sodium metasilicate removes the stain instantly, even at room temperature. A weaker solution of 1% of each ingredient is also effective, with visible results after 1-2 minutes. This should be followed by thorough rinsing with water.

How does one prevent condensation in Hindalco Everlast Aluminium Roofing Sheets?

Condensation occurs in all metal-clad roofing sheets, be it Aluminium, GI or Galvalume. Well-designed buildings with adequate inclinations would minimise the problem by drawing out the condensed water. Buildings with good ventilation systems also reduce the possibility of condensation.

Aluminium roofing is costlier than conventional GC/AC. Why should one choose the former?

The initial cost of aluminium roofing may be marginally higher when compared to other metal, plastic and PVC roofing materials, but the longevity (more than 40 years) and corrosion-resistant properties of Hindalco Everlast Aluminium Roofing Sheets make them lifetime investments. Also, their zero-maintenance and leakproof characteristics make them the best chouce for any buyer.